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“Some” Roses Are Red

And some roses are blue..

But they are all made from sugar..

Which is bad for you..


I have had a poem published in a book you know..

I was ten..

Yes folks, Valentines Day! 

A day for sharing the love..

Or cheap petrol station flowers.. 

But hey, what ever floats your boat..

Now then when I was a tubby lard ball..

I HATED Valentines Day.. 

Yes, poor fat Johnny didn’t get much love..

I think someone got me a card as a joke one year as well.. 

Kids can be so cruel.. 

I was very good at playing the victim..

“I am a nice bloke, why doesn’t anyone want me” 

I know, heart breaking..

A few years ago, after I lost weight for the last time..

I realised what the problem was..

“We attract what we are, not what we want” 

Read that again..

The problem was I was weak and I didn’t love myself.. 

So if you are weak and you don’t love yourself..

How do you expect to attract love and strength? 

That’s right…

True love starts with what you see in the mirror… 

Listen to me very closely..

“Liking” who you are…

Is NOT blind vanity.. 

In fact, LOVING yourself is okay as well.. 

Because loving yourself is NOT letting everyone know how wonderful you are..

It’s a quiet sense of self worth.. 

That is what I was lacking for all those years while I was fat..

And once I realised it didn’t have to be that way..

I started to love who I was.. 

And once you are comfortable with who you are..

This becomes a lot easier.. 

Most people spend their lives looking for something outside of them..

Looking for love..

Looking for hope..

Looking for strength..

You have all these qualities already… 

No one can give these to you..

Just like no one can take them away… 

We have been taught that taking caring of yourself is vain..

Or selfish..

We have also been taught that you should sacrifice yourself for your family.. 

And I don’t mean provide and care your family..

Some couples love the kids more than each other.. 

And they definitely love the kids more than themselves.. 

So when it’s time for the kids to flee the nest..

This is when most break ups happen.. 

Because people don’t like who they are left with..

With this is why it is SO important to leave a little back for you..

This is why most of the Women in my on line coaching group are parents.

As are most of the Ladies that come to 6am bootcamp..

Because I need to make as “simple” as possible for these people to look after themselves..

So they can have some “them” time.. 

Which means they can love themselves more..

Which then benefits the whole family…

Because my friends..

“If you educate a Woman, you educate a family” 

And sharing these experiences with others in a similar boat is REALLY powerful..

Because folks, you can have it all…

You can love yourself.. 

And still be a good Wife, Husband, Partner and/or Parent.. 

This way EVERYONE wins..

And no one gets left behind..

So I hope you have a lovely day..

Whatever you are doing..

And it doesn’t matter whether you are single or not..

You can start by loving yourself.. 


“We attract what we are, not what we want” 

Hugs and kisses x