I took the effort to squeeze my exercise bike into my car when moving from Manchester to Birmingham but could not find the motivation to get on it once it was set up! I joined John Hill’s Harborne based bootcamp class thinking that realistically I could just about commit to two sessions a week and that I’d give the diet plan ‘a go’ but as a convinced choc-a-holic probably wouldn’t be able to stick to it. A month later I had lost 11 poundswas loving it and, have to admit, actually missed it on the rest days! Food tastes better and my energy levels have increased massively

Jen Farrar

Started training with John in Feb 2015. Since then I’ve lost about 20lbs, greatly improved my fitness and ran my best half marathon! Sessions are challenging and fun and a great way to start the day! Would highly recommend!

Jackie K

My friend recommended me to join John’s boot camp and I’m so happy I did. The sessions are tough going but are always worth it, John has an excellent sense of humour and is great at motivating everyone to keep going while not pressuring you by analysing your every move. This suits me down to the ground as I have never been much of a gym goer. I look forward to the sessions as a stress relieve and to have a laugh with John and the other members even when it’s raining! Johns passion and enthusiasm for what he does spreads around the group. I would highly recommend this boot camp, thank you John!

Amy Aitken

I have been a member of John’s boot camp for almost 12 months now. It was hard going initially but with john’s motivation encouragement and most of all his fabulous sense of humour each session has become the highlight of my week. I have become stronger physically but also mentally having gained so much more confidence and belief in myself at the same time raising my fitness level. John is proof of what can be achieved and is so passionate about his job.

Elaine Spencer

John is a very friendly and motivated individual to help get you to your goals. He has personally helped me lose weight and get in shape for my wedding this year. His different workouts are never boring and adds to the variety of making exercise fun! The dietary advice also helped me come to terms with my eating habits and where I was going wrong! It came in handy! A very professional and friendly 5* service!

Kelly Neenan

I have been going to boot camp for 18 months now. And I must say it’s the best thing I have done. I feel fitter healthier loads more energy. And at 59. It goes to show your never to old to keep fit. Thanks John you are a star

Sue Vasic

As a busy working mom of two, I always found it hard to to find the time to fit in exercise, often being too tired and lacking motivation at the end of the day.

One day I heard about bootcamp. Four years later I am still attending the 6am morning sessions.

The exercises and eating plan are easy to follow and the results are amazing. It’s a friendly environment and John is always on hand to answer any questions, give nutritional advice or offer inspiration if you feel you have fallen off track or just need that little boost to your motivation.

Whilst exercising outdoors regardless of the weather is not for everyone, for me it works.

You just need to find what works, be consistent and enjoy the results.

Nikki P

I love John’s approach. There’s no nonsense or rubbish that you get from someone just out to make a quick buck. He is straight talking and if you listen it really works. I have always struggled with my weight despite riding bikes regularly and spending hours and hours exercising each week. I am still learning how to get my diet completely sorted but it’s very exciting feeling my fitness improving and seeing some results. This isn’t just an exercise class, it’s much more than that!

*Results are based in individual circumstances and can vary person to person

Hannah Wilson

John is a legend. Passionate and focused on helping you become the person you want to be. His advice on weight loss has been invaluable. If like I was you’re feeling sad about your size then the best thing I’ve ever done is sign up for John’s bootcamps. They’re not intimidating but inclusive and fun – love him, love his ethos

*Results are based in individual circumstances and can vary person to person

Rachel Allaway

As a busy parent, working full time I was struggling to fit fitness into my routine, but John’s morning bootcamps are an excellent solution. I can complete three 45 minute workouts a week and be home by 7am for breakfast with the family. The sessions are fun and always different and there is no shouting.

*Results are based in individual circumstances and can vary person to person

Deb Finnan

I have attended John’s Bootcamp and weight loss seminars for the last few Months, and I have to say it’s been a great insight to helping me achieve my weight loss targets. I recently took part in his biggest loser 6 week challenge and managed to lose half a stone. He has taught me so much about my Inner Demons which I have named! Dealing with Emotions and Feelings is very much the start of the weight loss journey, something that I have never really thought about before meeting John. His knowledge about Nutrition, Strategy, Weight loss, motivation and Exercise is in my opinion “what makes him the best in the business”. John is a great inspiration, although he doesn’t like to admit it! To actually listen to a person who’s been through their own weight loss and fitness journey is great, it shows me what’s achievable. I look forward to continuing with John and achieving my next targets and finding my incredible! I Recommend John Hill Inspiring Fitness Personal Trainer, Bootcamp and weight loss seminars to everyone who is serious about losing weight and getting fit, this is the only club you will need to achieve your goals.

*Results are based in individual circumstances and can vary person to person

Sarah Burrows


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