February 15 2016 0Comment

Let’s Get It On!

Let’s Marvin Gaye folks!

Okay, so it was Valentines weekend..

And yesterday we talked about love.. 

So it would be more than appropriate today to talk about..

>> SEX << 

Dum dum dum…

“Oh no cover my eyes”

Don’t worry folks, this isn’t going to get smutty (sorry)

But it’s an important part of this health and fitness lark..

Do you know why? 

Well, it’s one of the primary things we evolved to do..

This isn’t a moral discussion.. 

This is a basic human evolutionary needs discussion.. 

(Just in case)

So when I used to be fat, sex wasn’t great…

Not only was I trying to negotiate a big belly..

I was also unfit..

And my blood flow wasn’t as good as it could have been…(ahem)

So it wasn’t really that much fun.. 

The other thing was that I didn’t feel attractive..

In fact, I HATED myself.. 

Now while I am not perfect now..

I like myself.. 

And, as we discussed yesterday..

This is not vanity..

This is SANITY..

Now then, what I am talk about today is why “some” people fail at weight loss..

And it’s all to do with physical attractiveness and sex..

Most people think they don’t lose weight because of the diet or exercise..


That’s just the “method” 

And all the “methods” work if you follow them… 

The problem is the “belief system” that attempts the method..

Now belief systems are going on “unconsciously” (stay with me) 

So you don’t know what is happening…

But these beliefs are DRIVING your behaviours… 

Let me give you an example..

“We never have sex anyway so why should I look good naked” 

^^ Ding Dong ^^


“I have had kids now so I will never be sexy again” 

Now then, before you freak out..

Just stop and think..

Here is the question..

“Why would a well educated and sane human being make themselves fat?” 

Well, the answer could lie in those beliefs systems..

Now this isn’t everyone’s bag..

Some people come to me and just want to try and “exercise” their beliefs away..

Sorry gang..

I refuse to be a more expensive version of what doesn’t work.. 

Because even if we train 1:1 for three hours per week..

Those beliefs are working for the other 130 or so waking hours.. 

And it’s what goes on in that time that does the damage..

So if deep down, you don’t see the point in being lean, fit, sexy and confident..

Then it doesn’t matter what you try.. 

EVERYTHING will fail..

Because you are taking the same beliefs with you to the next diet.. 

And the next fitness class..

Now then, if I may be so bold..

Let me tell you what “tends” to happen here..

People say..

“Whoa that’s good stuff! Doesn’t apply to me though” 

Before you say that…

Just stop and think for a minute.. 

Especially if you are not where you need to be..

Because I don’t subscribe to the belief that you can be obese and happy..

Nothing personal..

But you may be missing one crucial element of human evolution..

Which is the “physical” element..

What I do believe though..

Is that everyone deserves the right to feel good about themselves.. 

And be okay with it..

There is nothing wrong with feeling confident and sexy..


“Loving yourself is not vanity, it’s sanity”