February 15 2016 0Comment

I Was Wrong!

Yes gang, it is true..

It appears I was wrong.. 

I have this whole health and fitness lark the wrong way round..

I have been reading a book called “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work” 

This chronicles (what a word) people from past and present…

And what they did every day.. 

This is everyone from Albert Einstein to Woody Allen..

And, most of them, especially the writers..

Drink too much, smoke too much and sleep too little.. 

Oh and drink loads of coffee and take loads of stimulants..

Trust me, there isn’t a green smoothie in sight! 

So maybe I should to go back to drinking, smoking and not sleeping..

And write a book!

I can see it now..

“John Hill: I Hardly Knew Me” 

Okay folks calm down..

Because you will also be amazed how many of them didn’t make it past 50 either..

So before you grab the Benson and the bourbon..

There is a lesson here… 

I will admit…

Some of my coaching programs are reassuringly expensive..

And one of the major reasons is that I teach people about daily habits.

Or “rituals” if you will… 

Now back in 2005 when I started losing weight…

I realised I had to change my “routine” around..

Because clearly it wasn’t working.. 

Fast forward 10 years and one of the biggest reasons people fail at keeping weight off..

Is that they don’t want to change what they “do” but they do want to change the “result” 

That’s why the detox and cleanse products sell so well..

Because you only need to change your daily routine for a few days..

And, as some of you will testify, as soon as you change back, the weight comes back.. 

Of course these products work… (for short term weight loss)

But that isn’t the point… 

No one comes to me and says “I want to lose weight and put it back on again” 

The challenge is that no one is teaching people “routines”

It’s often just “change your behaviours and hope for the best” 

And this fails because “hope” doesn’t get the job done..

Losing weight and keep it off doesn’t happen by accident.. 

It takes intention and DAILY focus..

Because once you build habits, this whole thing becomes a lot simpler..

Now if your question is

“How long does it take to build habits?” 

This is a kick back from the time obsessed diet industry..

As in, “how long do I have to endure this for??” 

Because most people just want to lose weight so they can go back to acting the same way they did before..

I am not joking..

It’s a bit like we want to look and dress like a thin person.. 

But think and eat like a fat person.. 

Now before you think I am nuts..

Just have a think about that concept for a second…

How many times have you gone on a diet and been counting the days?

Here is the real question..

“What are you waiting for?” 

Because the second you go back, the weight comes back..

Here is a better strategy…

Focus on what “habits” and “skills” you need to work on..

Because once you crack this..

>> The Yo-Yo stops going up and down <<

I promise..