October 02 2015 0Comment

Get Round Getting Round? 

Okay let’s give you a money making lesson this morning..

The quickest way to make money in health and fitness is this..

>> Show people a way to go AROUND their problems << 

See the “quick fix” industry is worth billions.. 

So much so, Facebook ban adverts with the words “weight loss” in them.. 

And Google ask for disclaimers on all testimonials.. 

It’s insane..

But it is where we are..

And you have probably heard of the “clean 9” and other products..

I mean bloody hell, people have even DIED from taking dodgy diet pills.. 

It is as profitable as it is dangerous..

Now this is not a money making lesson..

It’s a message for those of you who are SICK of the quick fix.. 

Do you know what our industry should be doing?

>>> Teaching people to go THROUGH the problem <<< 

See, if you keep failing at weight loss..

It has nothing to do with the system.. 

It has EVERYTHING to do with the sacrifice.. 

(you may want to write that one down)

You have to go THROUGH the process.. 

You have to experience the ups and downs..

And learn from both.. 

No one gave me discount when I started.. 

I had no quick fix.. 

I knew I had to learn to love the process..

And I promise you, the rewards are worth it.. 

The most bizarre thing about weight loss is this..

A lot of people would rather lose weight quickly..

Then put it back on.. 

Than lose weight steadily and keep it off.. 

Sound crazy?

Look at your behaviours over the years…

Trust me this happens..

I used to be scared of telling people this..

Because I thought it would lose me business..

I was wrong..

It makes the “wrong” person not want to work with me.. 

(more on this tomorrow)

Because the “wrong” person thinks that just because they pay me a lot of money..

The results will just “appear” 

I decided that I didn’t want to be a more expensive version of what doesn’t work.. 

And be different..

And I have worked with people that still want a quick fix..

Even when the person that has done what they want to do.. (I.E lose loads of weight and keep it off)

Tells them it doesn’t exist… 

Ah well….

Are you sick of getting round?

Let’s teach to stop trying to get round it..