Lessons from ten years in fitness

The 21st of September was quite a special day for me. It marked ten years since I became a personal trainer and weight loss coach in Birmingham. After realising that 94% of all businesses fail in the first 10 years, this marks an important milestone for me. Over the last ten years I have learnt […]

Is obesity really a choice?

I am quite fortunate in a weird way. I’ve been obese, and I have also worked with plenty of people classed as obese. Over the last few years though, there seems to have been a shift in the way obesity is thought about, which began from a campaign spearheaded by Cancer Research UK. In case […]

How to stick to an exercise program

Working with dozens of women at my fitness boot camp based in harbour, has shown me that a lot of them meet the same challenges when they come along to join our program. One of the major challenges the women say to me is that they struggle to stick to an exercise program and have […]

How to Get Started

Many people often find it hard to get started and often find excuses, as reasons why they can’t work out. Constant procrastination will only drive you further and further away from your fitness goals.  Whether you feel you’re not happy with your current body image or your unhealthy eating habits, addressing the fact that you […]

Let’s Get It On!

Let’s Marvin Gaye folks! Okay, so it was Valentines weekend.. And yesterday we talked about love..  So it would be more than appropriate today to talk about.. >> SEX <<  Dum dum dum… “Oh no cover my eyes” Don’t worry folks, this isn’t going to get smutty (sorry) But it’s an important part of this […]

“Some” Roses Are Red

And some roses are blue.. But they are all made from sugar.. Which is bad for you.. Hey! I have had a poem published in a book you know.. I was ten.. Yes folks, Valentines Day!  A day for sharing the love.. Or cheap petrol station flowers..  But hey, what ever floats your boat.. Now […]

I Was Wrong!

Yes gang, it is true.. It appears I was wrong..  I have this whole health and fitness lark the wrong way round.. I have been reading a book called “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work”  This chronicles (what a word) people from past and present… And what they did every day..  This is everyone from Albert […]

Get Round Getting Round? 

Okay let’s give you a money making lesson this morning.. The quickest way to make money in health and fitness is this.. >> Show people a way to go AROUND their problems <<  See the “quick fix” industry is worth billions..  So much so, Facebook ban adverts with the words “weight loss” in them..  And […]